Town Of Newport

New Solar for approval of Newport Town Board

October 30, 2017

7.13      Solar

    • Non- Commercial Installations

      All solar installations that are integrated into the structures electrical system for residential and business require a permit from the codes officer and must meet state and local building codes. They must have a clearly marked disconnect switch. In addition an electrical inspection shall be required.   Ground mounted collectors are not allowed in the front yard.  Ground mounted solar collectors must be in the side or rear yard and shall comply with side and rear yard setbacks.

    • Commercial Installations

      Solar farms are permitted in an Agricultural zone and all Business zones with a Special use Permit and all applications are subject to planning board review.   The following items shall be considered by the planning board before making a recommendation.

    • A complete set of plans with a professional engineers stamp and signature shall accompany each application. A site plan that shows, collector layout and area,  setbacks, vegetation, screening,  fencing,  storm water control, parking, access roads and accessory buildings shall be part of the application and general plan.

    • A complete set of electrical plans and schematics of collectors and any hardware such as inverters, transformers, batteries, control panels, switch gear and disconnects.  A copy of these plans must be given to the town clerk and the fire chief.

    • A complete operation and maintenance manual shall be supplied to the town and fire chief.  A clearly marked electrical disconnect sign that is easily recognized by emergency personal from a distance of at least 30 feet.

    • Other issues to consider are signage such as “High Voltage, Danger, Disconnect Switch, or other warning signs, lighting, glare, transmission lines, and the height of collectors and accessory buildings.  The view from public highway and adjoining neighbors as well as any compromise of the character of the neighborhood.  A front yard and side yard setback of 100 feet and a rear yard setback of 50 feet will be required.

    • The solar farm owner must provide 24/7 access to emergency response personal in the event of an emergency.

    • The solar farm must be maintained in good condition and a decommission plan shall be required in the event the plant is abandoned or decommissioned.  The solar farm owner is solely responsible for the cost of decommissioning and removal of the solar farm if necessary.  Bonding may be required and shall be assessed on a case by case basis depending of the size of the installation.

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