Town Of Newport

Andrew Topham


Animal Control Officer

Job Description


The Animal Control Officer is appointed each year by the Town of Newport Town Board for a 1-year term to administer and enforce Newport’s Dog Ordinance.  The Animal Control Officer responds to citizen complaints; handles animals in a humane and responsible manner; and deals tactfully but firmly with animal owners. Independent judgment is expected, guided by the Town Board’s instructions and applicable state statutes.


The Animal Control Officer has the following specific duties:

·         Respond to complaints about dogs in violation of the ordinance within the town of Newport.

·         Apprehend and transport domestic animals in a safe and humane manner to the designated pound.

·         Investigate animal bites and report them to the proper authority.

·         Maintain records and prepare reports of reported incidences.

·         Submit monthly summary of calls and the disposition of the incidents.

·         Develop and implement procedures where necessary with Town Board’s oversight.

Stray Dogs

Roaming unattended dogs should be reported to the Animal Control Officer.  If the dog is seized and the owner cannot be located, the dog will be taken to the town pound where it will be kept for a certain number of days.  If, at the end of this period, the dog has not been claimed, the pound keeper will make an effort to re-home it.  Dogs found to be regularly straying will automatically be taken to the pound and the owner, if known, will be informed.  Before the dog can be retrieved from the town pound, all fees and fines must be paid to the Town and to the pound keeper.

Lost Dogs

Lost dogs should be reported to the Animal Control Officer with the following information:

·         Owner's name, address and Tel No:

·         Description of your dog

·         Date and time lost

·         Location when lost

Town Pound

The kennel at the Herkimer County Humane Society serves as the town pound.

Location: 514 NY-5S, Mohawk, NY 13407

Phone: 315-866-3255

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